Customer Care

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your window treatments.

At installation you will want to confirm with our installer how to operate and care for your window treatments.  Make sure you report any fabrication or installation issues within 72 hours.

Window Treatment Care Tips:

Dust Regularly

Use your vacuum’s soft dusting attachment on low suction, or use a hand held vac fitted with a brush attachment.

DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER unless recommended by the manufacturer or specified on the care label.

Never wash drapery or curtains if they are lined, constructed of different fabrics, have any sort of pleating or decorative trims.  Shrinkage will occur unless the label specifies that the product is able to be washed.

If you feel it is necessary to have your drapery cleaned, look for a reputable dry cleaner.  Unfortunately we cannot recommend local dry cleaners.  We recommend that if you don’t know of a good dry cleaner that you ask your friends or interview different cleaners to see if they have experience in cleaning drapery.

Better Homes and Garden has a good list of tips for drapery care as well, which you can find here.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. If you are interested in Window Treatment Care, send your questions to

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